Coffee Time Tuesdays: A Revived Reading Appetite and an Exciting New Release

It’s already been one week since I started this column and I can feel my motivation springing back up because of it.

Knowing the next issue of Coffee Time Tuesdays was underway, I began to think about what I was going to share this week and how to keep it refreshing and exciting.

A few days ago, I wouldn’t have had anything new to share in the current reads department. Progress has been slow and tedious on the books I’ve been reading for the past couple of weeks.

But last Saturday, the sun was shining, I had a new and exciting knitting project on my needles, and a refreshed taste for life, so I ended up binging almost the entirety of my audiobook for Beautiful World, Where Are You?.

This kicked my reading mojo back into gear, because not only did I enjoy the book itself, but the thought of starting something else to share with you today made a huge impact on my reading mood.

What I’m Reading

I finished Sally Rooney’s latest book, Beautiful World, Where Are You?, yesterday on my lunch break and I’m relieved to say it did not disappoint. Rooney’s beautifully simple writing packs a heavy punch, making me wish I had the physical copy so I can annotate the living soul out of it.

When I finish an audiobook, I immediately go to my saved queue on Scribd to choose a new one. I always have an audiobook on the go. The very process of looking at the titles available and choosing something new brings me so much joy and love for reading.

So today, I started Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon because I’m in dire need of a sugary romance, and this one happens within a book club, so I couldn’t resist. 

Additionally, I’m reading The Blue Road: A Fable of Migration by Wayde Crompton. This is a short graphic novel available on Scribd which I started a while ago as inspiration for my latest poetry collection, Why My Country Failed Me And Other Bird Songs, whose main theme is immigration. But because reading digitally on Scribd can’t be done on a Kindle, I’ve struggled to find the time to dive back into this story, so I’m giving it another try this week.

Carrying over from last week, Little Fires Everywhere and Sapiens are still in the currently reading pile, as I’ve been having some trouble focusing on them.

Bookish Reflections: Finding Motivation Again

To me, choosing my next read after finishing a book I really enjoyed is always guaranteed to get me excited for reading again. I love browsing Scribd for my next audiobook and even looking through my own Kindle library gives me that much-needed dopamine rush.

I have other ways to salvage my lost reading mojo, like setting aside some time every week for a dedicated reading session or catching up on my favourite book clubs.

What strategies do you use to get your motivation back up?

Hot New Release

This week, I have to recommend The Murder of Mr Wickham, which is supposed to be an intriguing Jane Austen/Agatha Christie mash-up

Claudia Gray took one of Austen’s most despised villains and had him murdered. Other well-known characters from beloved Jane Austen books make an appearance for what seems to be a frightful and entertaining investigation of Agatha Christie proportions into what happened to Mr Wickham.

I used to read Agatha Christie around this time of year when school was coming to an end, so anything like this puts me in a vacation kind of mood. I’m curious to see if Claudia Gray does her own premise justice.

What are you reading with your hot drink of choice this Tuesday? And do you have other new releases to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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