Coffee Time Tuesdays: My Bookish Christmas List

Hello, dear jolly readers! How’s the last week before Christmas going for you? Are you done with the gift buying? And, most importantly, have you bought something for yourself to slide under the tree on Sunday morning?

I’m a huge promoter of treating one’s self, especially at Christmas, so I went on a little endeavour last Saturday, to find a few bits to wrap and place under the tree just for myself. You know, when you would like certain things but don’t want to buy them because they’re not absolutely necessary, although they’re nice? That’s what I did on Saturday and what inspired the theme of today’s column.

Of course I have a special book to open on Christmas morning, and it’s none other than the latest Waterstones edition of the complete Sherlock Holmes collection — a beautiful, foiled monster of a hardback I had zero hesitation in buying for myself.

But that got me thinking — what else is on my bookish Christmas list? Although I technically can afford to spoil myself a little more, I try to exercise restraint and save up for our planned travels in 2023, so this list will stay a dream for now.

I wanted to share it with you, though, hoping to inspire you to not only spoil yourself a little this Christmas, but also to consider the bookworms in your life. If you still have some last-minute shopping to do, I hope this list will help.

My Bookish Christmas List

  1. A signed or special edition of a favourite book — the Waterstones exclusive edition of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo nearly made it into my shopping basket this year. I received the 10th anniversary edition of The Song of Achilles last year and it’s one of my most prized possessions.
  2. A bookish candle — I once came across a locally-produced line of candles with different bookish scents, like ‘antique library’ or ‘old paper’, and they still live in my heart rent-free.
  3. A bookish subscription — I’m not one for uncertainty, opting instead to be in full control of what I choose to read, but a subscription box sounds like so much fun. The ones that caught my eye the most here in the UK are the Tea Time Bookshop subscription boxes. They’re genre or season-themed, which takes the anxiety factor out of it, while still preserving the surprise. I would love to try their Best Seller box.
  4. A reading-themed notebook/journal — I’ve had my eye on the Bodleian Libraries journals for years, yet I never get around to buying one. Something else always takes priority, and I do have a lot of notebooks already. Maybe one day.
  5. A bookish jigsaw — Waterstones, my favourite weekend place, strikes again, with their stunning new jigsaws of different literary worlds. There’s Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens (although why someone would make a jigsaw of Dickens’s world is beyond me, but each to their own), Shakespeare, and more. Personally, I would love The World of the Brontes the most.
  6. A miniature book nook — I’ve seen these trending on Instagram lately and, even though they’re the most useless, most patience-testing things ever, I want one. No, I need one. They’re so cute. 

Of course the list could go on, but I think I’ve covered most categories that I would love right now. What else would you add?

New Book Release

I’ve been binging some sweet Christmas romance novels this month, so this week’s hot new release definitely reflects that. As you settle down to wait for the festive moment to kick in and the pudding to bake, why not pick up In It to Win It by Sharon C. Cooper?

This is a new romance, on the market only since last week, which sounds wildly entertaining and gripping. Morgan and Drake used to date, until she left him without an explanation. Now that they’re both on the market for the same property, the former couple have to go through a ridiculous competition set by the property’s rich landlord. And of course this will rekindle past feelings and fresh angst.

A property contest at the heart of a romance? Weird, but original, I have to say. This sounds perfect for those who aren’t necessarily into festive books, but still enjoy a good love story.

And that’s it for this week’s Coffee Time Tuesday, the last one before Christmas. I hope you’re all looking forward to a restful and joy-filled day with your loved ones, and don’t forget to spoil yourselves a little, if you can. What are you reading while waiting for Santa?

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