Coffee Time Tuesdays: TV Adaptation Excitement and Book Club News

Hello, dear readers, and happy February! How’s your week going so far? I’m now the proud owner of a somewhat fixed reading routine and I’ve been finding myself picking up books a lot more often throughout the day.

This is a huge development for me, as I’m usually a pretty chaotic reader, doing all-consuming binges followed by reading hardly anything for a while. I’m either so invested in my books that I refuse to do anything else, or I’m so underwhelmed by them that I only read 10–20 pages at a time.

So sitting down with a book for an hour each night, or picking it up for a bit in the morning is an interesting change in my routine, and one I wholeheartedly welcome.

What I’ve Been Reading

In the past two weeks, I finished two books and started one more. Thank You For Listening, by Julia Whelan was my first romance of 2023 and it didn’t disappoint. I listened to it on Scribd, and I’m so glad I did, because Julia is a stunning narrator.

A good narrator is all I need to become invested in an audiobook. If the narration is off, I can’t listen to it. It irks me. Julia Whelan has a smooth, adaptable voice that effortlessly slips into character without awkward mimicry. 

I found her romance unique with just the right amount of tropes. There were complex relationships outside of the main couple, interesting family and friendship dynamics, important conversations around disability and I really enjoyed the fact that it centres two audiobook narrators. As a listener, you hardly ever think about the narrator, and it was intriguing to see what may go on behind the scenes.

The second book I finished was Out by Natsuo Kirino, a Japanese thriller considered a modern classic. I haven’t been so conflicted about a book since I read 1984 by George Orwell. Both books had the same effect in that they made me scream at them in frustration while still appreciating that, critically, they’re good books.

I discussed Out with my book club last night, and it was reassuring to see everyone else shared largely the same opinions: why is the writing so devoid of feeling, why are some of the characters walking stereotypes, why aren’t the relationships explored more, and, for crying out loud, what’s with the problematic ‘falling in love with your rapist’ trope?

This is a thriller centring four working class women with pretty hopeless lives. So some of the problematic tropes technically make sense in the context. As much as we’d like to live in an ideal world, instances where desperate people do immoral things still happen. So I’m on the fence about how to judge the book in this context. But I can appreciate the complexity of the characters, the descriptions of the mundane, and the themes.

My Current Read

After the intense gruesomeness, body horror and just general despair in Out, I felt the need for a guaranteed heart-warming story. So I, predictably, picked up one of my comfort reads: The Charm Offensive, by Alison Cochrun.

This is my third reread of this sweet, wholesome queer love story with a strong mental health hook, and I’m, of course, in over my head. I don’t know how, but I’ve listened to 7 hours of it in just a couple of days, while being at work or at home with my partner.

Find out more about why I love The Charm Offensive so much in my review and podcast episode below.

Onto More Exciting News

The Prime Video teaser trailer for Daisy Jones & The Six is here and oh. My God. It looks so good. I’m particularly excited for the music in this show, as Taylor Jenkins Reid has done a great job of evoking those 70s vibes by writing a full album for this fictional band, granted just the lyrics.

But the biggest hit Regret Me has come out and it sounds exactly as it should. So I hope more music from Aurora is in the books for the show, because it might just become my entire personality.

The show comes out on 3 March and I can’t contain myself.

I reviewed Daisy Jones & The Six below:

Other Updates

I had the pleasure to chat to Justin Boyette for his brand new podcast and publication, Internet Ink, on my poetry, journey into getting my first book deal, publishing my first English poetry collection, Why My Country Failed Me and Other Bird Songs, being an editor, and more.

Check out our conversation and give Justin a follow to stay in the loop with his great content.

And that’s it for today’s column! We’ve changed the hot new release for a hot new adaptation and I have zero regrets. Are you excited for the show? And are there any other adaptations you’re really pumped about? Heartstopper season 2 and Red, White and Royal Blue are some of my most anticipated ones.

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