Coffee Time Tuesdays: Bookish Activities for Valentine’s Day And a New Romance

Hello, dear readers, and happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all in for a corny, sickly-sweet day, whether you’re celebrating with your partner, best friends, or on your own.

I have a Valentine’s special column for you today, because who said readers can’t have fun? If you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your day in a bookish way, have a nosy at some of the options below. There’s something for couples, something for friends, and a solo suggestion, because today should be about love of all kinds, and especially love for yourself.

If all you want to do today is wrap up warm and read a cheesy romance, though, don’t worry, I got you. Stay tuned until the end to see what cutesy new release I’m recommending this week.

Bookish cook-off for an unforgettable dinner date

One of the dreamiest ways to spend quality time with your significant other is at home, doing something wholesome for each other. And a home-cooked dinner date is just the thing to indulge in if you’re both laid back and not bothered about going out.

Why not make the cooking even better by choosing recipes evoking some famous moments from books? Whether it be devilled eggs inspired by The Secret Life of Bees, fried chicken inspired by The Great Gatsby, or a strawberry tart inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, why not prepare something extra-special to mark this romantic day?

For some inspiration, check out this blog by Southern Living or this super comprehensive Pinterest board with hundreds of ideas.

Board games for book nerds

If you’re single and today is an excuse to have a bunch of friends over to drink colourful and slightly underwhelming home-made cocktails and play board games on the carpet, you’re welcome.

Board games as a couple can work, but everyone knows they’re the best when a larger group is involved. So here are some suggestions of board games for bookworms.

  • The Literary Witches’ Oracle — get all deep and prophetic with the girlies by diving into the wisdom of famous female authors expertly depicted in this oracle game
  • 221B Baker Street — get those little grey cells moving with this fun mystery game and see which one of your friends gets the most territorial with Sherlock Holmes trivia
  • Story Box— readers should have a wild imagination and this little gem of a game will bring it to surface; maybe the one with the best story gets an extra cocktail?

Jigsaw puzzle and audiobooks

And if you’re your own Valentine today, that’s perfect too. Make sure you give yourself some time to relax and do the things you love, and if that happens to be bookish jigsaws while listening to audiobooks, who am I to judge?

This used to be my favourite insomnia activity back in university and I seriously miss it. The way a jigsaw keeps your eyes and hands engaged while your mind is deeply connected to the audiobook is truly magical. Sometimes we forget to enjoy the slow processes for the sake of efficiency.

My favourite combination would be a World of Jane Austen jigsaw combined with an Alexandria Bellefleur romance, like Count Your Lucky Stars.

Honourable mentions

  • Find a poem to dedicate to your partner and read it out loud to them
  • Build a book nook
  • Organise blind dates with books — buy books for your friends/partner and make them guess what they are based on some clues

Hot New Book Release

Today’s pick is Always the Almost, by Edward Underhill. This sweet queer romance is fresh off the press and sounds like the dreamy, heart-warming story we all need on Valentine’s Day.

A trans pianist makes a New Year’s resolution on a frozen Wisconsin night to win regionals and win back his ex, but a new boy complicates things in Edward Underhill’s heartfelt debut YA rom-dram, Always the Almost. — the publisher

This sounds a lot like Felix Ever After — a sweet, important tale of acceptance, pride, and identity, with some teenage angst and drama wrapped around it. I chose a young adult release because it’s likely to be a super quick read and one that will surely bring on those butterflies.

And that’s it for today’s Coffee Time Tuesdays, Valentine’s edition. What other bookish activities would you add to the mix? And how are you celebrating, if at all? Let me know in the comments!

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