Books by Memory: ‘Justine’ by Lawrence Durrell

As the second of my Books by Memory series this is a rather tangential book review that uses memory to approach a book, rather than focusing in a more analytical way. This time I am reminiscing on Lawrence Durrell’s Justine. Before getting into my memories, I feel it is worth clarifying that I am notContinue reading “Books by Memory: ‘Justine’ by Lawrence Durrell”

Matthew Francis’s Retelling of ‘The Mabinogi’ Revels in the Magic of Poetry

e Mabinogi, consists of four interlinked stories set in a version of Britain in which the magical is only a few steps away and kings can become cobblers.

‘The Gododdin: Lament For The Fallen’ Is a Pathos Laden Masterpeice

Before I dive into this review, I feel a bit of a grounding is needed. The Gododdin by Gillian Clarke is a collection of short elegies mourning the aftermath of a disastrous battle. It is also known by its Brittonic name Y Gododdin, but I will use the English as that is what the bookContinue reading “‘The Gododdin: Lament For The Fallen’ Is a Pathos Laden Masterpeice”