Write For Us

If you’re interested in joining us as a writer and have your book reviews and bookish content published in Coffee Time Reviews, please let us know at ctreviewspub@gmail.com!

All you have to do is email us a short intro about yourself, a potential pitch idea you think might be right for us, and (optionally) a writing sample/example, preferably books-related. We are keen to encourage young writers willing to get a by-line and some experience, so if you don’t have a writing example to show, don’t worry, we still want to hear from you!

If you’re a writer on Medium and you’re registered for the Partner Program (which allows you to earn money for your stories), please include your Medium profile name or link in the email, so we can add you as a writer on Medium too.

If you become a writer for us on Medium, your posts will automatically be featured on the website as well. But if you’re not on Medium, you can still write for Coffee Time Reviews. Basically, we didn’t want to limit ourselves by just being on Medium, so writers outside the platform can join our publication too.

Please bear in mind we are a new, independent publication, so as of now, we can’t pay our writers. If you write for us on Medium, you will earn some money depending on the traffic you get on your stories, but Coffee Time Reviews itself cannot, unfortunately, pay its writers for the time being. We hope that will change with time! What we offer, though, is a safe, friendly platform for writers to rave about their favourite books, that will earn them some experience and exposure under a young, knowledgeable editor, who’s more than happy to offer guidance and advice on pitching and writing.

We look forward to welcoming you on our platform!

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